Karl Lentz

Karl Lentz 1 – findings of fact and conclusions of law
Karl Lentz 2 – How to write to a judge
Karl Lentz 3 – The significance of filling out other people’s forms
Karl Lentz 4 – Bond attached to a warrant
Karl Lentz 5 – Letter that helped get Canadians’ kids back
Karl Lentz 6 – Federal rule 26B
Karl Lentz 7 – thumb print vs. seal
Karl Lentz 8 – The proper use of non assumpsit
Karl Lentz 9 – The difference between Karl and Marc Stevens
Karl Lentz 10 – Defeating statutes with one word
Karl Lentz 11 – Upper and lower case i
Karl Lentz 12 – Benefits of the second dimension
Karl Lentz 13 – Petitioner, and the meaning of deny
Karl Lentz 14 – Using “shall” to beat tickets
Karl Lentz 15 – Understanding judgements
Karl Lentz 16 – History of the necessary and proper clause
Karl Lentz 17 – MSO and proof of financial responsability
Karl Lentz 18 – Dealing with the second dimension in court
Karl Lentz 19 – How to write a return letter to an agency
Karl Lentz 20 – Putting the prosecutor on the stand
Karl Lentz 21 – Require
Karl Lentz 22 – Original common law
Karl Lentz 23 – Evoking the common law
Karl Lentz 24 – Habeus corpus
Karl Lentz 25 – Pleas and confessions
Karl Lentz 26 – How to write a letter when they wont respond in writing
Karl Lentz 27 – Keeping it simple
Karl Lentz 28 – Income tax
Karl Lentz 29 – Knowing who you are in court
Karl Lentz 30 – The second and third dimensions
Karl Lentz 31 – Trial of your peers in common law
Karl Lentz 32 – Legal vs. lawful
Karl Lentz 33 – Income tax is based on a confession
Karl Lentz 34 – Proper use of words, and the three second rule in court
Karl Lentz 35 – Prosecuting the prosecutor
Karl Lentz 36 – Understanding who you’re up against
Karl Lentz 37 – Ownership and titles
Karl Lentz 38 – Give notice before a claim
Karl Lentz 39 – How to move your case through court
Karl Lentz 40 – Restoration of property
Karl Lentz 41 – The importance of proper grammar
Karl Lentz 42 – The courthouse belongs to us
Karl Lentz 43 – Latches as opposed to laches
Karl Lentz 44 – Public law vs. code
Karl Lentz 45 – How to reclaim your status as a man
Karl Lentz 46 – Do you believe I do wrong?
Karl Lentz 47 – How to handle a lien
Karl Lentz 48 – Atorneys and the supreme court
Karl Lentz 49 – The constitution and the courts
Karl Lentz 50 – Property tax
Karl Lentz 51 – Presscopy hearing
Karl Lentz 52 – Trial of the regicides
Karl Lentz 53 – Failing to file, and irreparable damages
Karl Lentz 54 – Show that you’re making your best effort
Karl Lentz 55 – What to say when an agent comes on your land
Karl Lentz 56 – The three things recognized as being wrong

Karl Lentz 57 to 100 combined
Karl Lentz 57 – An incompetant, or idiot bares no liability
Karl Lentz 58 – How to cross a border as a man
Karl Lentz 59 – Commercial lien process vs. common law process
Karl Lentz 60 – Understanding a common law lien
Karl Lentz 61 – Who’s the petitioner?
Karl Lentz 62 – How to remove a misdemeanor and the need for a third party impartial witness
Karl Lentz 63 – Take vs present a notice
Karl Lentz 64 – Understanding orders in court
Karl Lentz 65 – Competancy and habeus corpus
Karl Lentz 66 – Asking about jurisdiction, and when to speak in court
Karl Lentz 67 – Rights are property, and when to speak in court
Karl Lentz 68 – Judge vs civil administrative hearing officer
Karl Lentz 69 – Understanding void judgements
Karl Lentz 70 – Understanding federal courts
Karl Lentz 71 – The three notice process does not apply in common law
Karl Lentz 72 – Court of original jurisdiction and the supreme court
Karl Lentz 73 – How to refer to the man in the black robe
Karl Lentz 74 – Finding the plaintiff
Karl Lentz 75 – Seizure is a good thing
Karl Lentz 76 – The IRS does not take you to court
Karl Lentz 77 – Public and private property
Karl Lentz 78 – UCC in court
Karl Lentz 79 – Contracting your kids away through welfare
Karl Lentz 80 – Relevance of the constitution
Karl Lentz 81 – Notice of recission
Karl Lentz 82 – Land, property, and real estate
Karl Lentz 83 – Land of the self governing
Karl Lentz 84 – The use of i in letters
Karl Lentz 85 – Affidavits
Karl Lentz 86 – It’s a word game
Karl Lentz 87 – Dismissed vs discharged
Karl Lentz 88 – Non acceptance of your best effort payments means the debt no longer exists
Karl Lentz 89 – Corporations don’t exist
Karl Lentz 90 – In court vs. At court
Karl Lentz 91 – On the record
Karl Lentz 92 – Karl’s 5 step process
Karl Lentz 93 – Filing a claim against a complaint
Karl Lentz 94 – Payment options for filing a claim
Karl Lentz 95 – How to respond to a letter from the IRS
Karl Lentz 96 – How to deal with a psych evaluation
Karl Lentz 97 – Motion for sanctions
Karl Lentz 98 – Order a lien or garnishment to be lifted
Karl Lentz 99 – Common law according to American Jurisprudence
Karl Lentz 100- Only a man can ask for payment for an order

Karl Lentz 101 – Your right to cross examine your accuser
Karl Lentz 102 – Using a process server
Karl Lentz 103 – Reducing your public defender’s role to that of co council
Karl Lentz 104 – Your confession grants jurisdiction
Karl Lentz 105 – Answer the second dimension with the second dimension
Karl Lentz 106 – Sorry, I’m from a foreign culture
Karl Lentz 107 – Legalese definition of “suffer”
Karl Lentz 108 – Want vs. require in court
Karl Lentz 109 – Dealing with the DMV
Karl Lentz 110 – Police and the domestic authority doctrine
Karl Lentz 111 – Return a ticket to the prosecutor
Karl Lentz 112 – Magna carta and the constitution as a defence
Karl Lentz 113 – How to restore your weed from the police
Karl Lentz 114 – Cops are taught that “shall” is future tense
Karl Lentz 115 – Understanding neglect and abuse
Karl Lentz 116 – Dealing with checkstops
Karl Lentz 117 – Using proper language
Karl Lentz 118 – Obtaining the facts and evidence from the other side before trial
Karl Lentz 119 – If you accept a lower monetary counter offer, your case will be dismissed
Karl Lentz 120 – The state cannot take your kids without proper adjudication and a court order
Karl Lentz 121 – If someone sending you a bill is off by one penny, it’s extortion and fraud
Karl Lentz 122 – Dealing with the IRS, and understanding courts of record
Karl Lentz 123 – The courts are free for us to use
Karl Lentz 124 – No injury, no case
Karl Lentz 125 – Using cf. “compare to” in your court documents
Karl Lentz 126 – A simple way to win in traffic court
Karl Lentz 127 – Karl’s fair warning letter
Karl Lentz 128 – Attorneys are powerless in a common law court
Karl Lentz 129 – How to handle an arraignment
Karl Lentz 130 – Certify vs verify, and understanding jurisdiction
Karl Lentz 131 – The power of a man vs a government employee
Karl Lentz 132 – Moving your case on the common law side of the court
Karl Lentz 133 – The court cannot try a case against you until you’re ready
Karl Lentz 134 – Working with the court to get what you require
Karl Lentz 135 – Understanding habeus corpus, jurisdiction, and holding a hearing officer liable
Karl Lentz 136 – Keeping your claim in common law, and handling a complaint
Karl Lentz 137 – The City orders you to do maintenance on your yard
Karl Lentz 138 – The importance of staying honorable before the courts
Karl Lentz 139- Holding the officer, attorney, and judge liable for making a false claim against you
Karl Lentz 140 – Know what law is before the court
Karl Lentz 141 – The proper use of words
Karl Lentz 142 – What to do when the court refuses to accept your paperwork
Karl Lentz 143 – Understanding a summons, and handling a corporation coming after your property
Karl Lentz 144 – The one bringing the controversy into the court will lose
Karl Lentz 145 – Less words say more
Karl Lentz 146 – A license doesn’t negate a trial by jury, and stick to what you say in court
Karl Lentz 147 – What to do when the City charges your person
Karl Lentz 148 – Opening a common law court by writing a letter
Karl Lentz 149 – CPS will make you an offer, and understanding rights to property
Karl Lentz 150 – You have the right to believe what you want

Karl Lentz 151 – Citizenship vs common law, and the merger of equity with common law
Karl Lentz 152 – Using the financial loss argument to restore your property from prison
Karl Lentz 153 – You choose when to move your case, and the state will try every dirty trick
Karl Lentz 154 – Understanding your power when moving your case in common law
Karl Lentz 155 – Bill of particulars, and handling two cases in different jurisdictions
Karl Lentz 156 – Proper writing technique, void judgements, and orders in court
Karl Lentz 157 – Understanding and establishing the law of the court, and handling a custody case
Karl Lentz 158 – How to handle charges brought against your person
Karl Lentz 159 – The court refuses your claim, enforcement of judgements, and maxims of law
Karl Lentz 160 – Know what to say and do before going in to court
Karl Lentz 161 – The proper way to move a trial by jury in common law
Karl Lentz 162 – Holding your common law court at the courthouse
Karl Lentz 163 – Understanding how to intercourse with the second dimension
Karl Lentz 164 – Understanding fraud, and how to write a lawsuit
Karl Lentz 165 – Handling a traffic citation
Karl Lentz 166 – Understanding debts, and a summons to appear
Karl Lentz 167 – Private contracts, and declaratory judgements
Karl Lentz 168 – A void judgement vs the judgement is void
Karl Lentz 169 – Jury of your peers
Karl Lentz 170 – Setting the rules of court
Karl Lentz 171 – Failure to perform, and making a claim for equity
Karl Lentz 172 – Practicing law without a license
Karl Lentz 173 – Restoration of property (kids)
Karl Lentz 174 – Order vs. must, how and when to speak in court, and understanding bankruptcy
Karl Lentz 175 – Traffic tickets

Karl Lentz 176 – Dealing with misdemeanors, corresponding with legal departments, and “you”
Karl Lentz 177 – Dereliction of duty claim
Karl Lentz 178 – Calling the Queen to the bench
Karl Lentz 179 – A final judgement from the court is required before jail time
Karl Lentz 180 – Dealing with jurisdiction in court
Karl Lentz 181 – Getting your claim into court, and dismissing your previous case
Karl Lentz 182 – How to run your claim at the same time as their complaint
Karl Lentz 183 – Old vs. new definitions of key words
Karl Lentz 184 – What is a person, and how to handle an arraignment
Karl Lentz 185 – Be precise with your words, and the common laws of different peoples
Karl Lentz 186 – In and at court in regards to your claim
Karl Lentz 187 – Understanding statute and common law courts
Karl Lentz 188 – Process servers, and using a box on your paperwork
Karl Lentz 189 – CROWN still pursuing after Queen’s bench win, and fee schedules
Karl Lentz 190 – Where to send your letters
Karl Lentz 191 – Changing your complaint in to a claim
Karl Lentz 192 – Negotiating with public servants, and understanding common law
Karl Lentz 193 – Dealing with garnished wages
Karl Lentz 194 – Objecting in statutory court creates joinder
Karl Lentz 195 – Bring the law into the court, Queens Bench, and being placed in a dock
Karl Lentz 196 – What to do when the other side hides behind their secretary
Karl Lentz 197 – “I’m not the author of that name”, and application forms when filing a claim
Karl Lentz 198 – Originals, and copies of your paperwork
Karl Lentz 199 – Queens Bench
Karl Lentz 200 – Accept all presentments and require fair and just compensation

Karl Lentz 201 – Dealing with government agents, and income tax
Karl Lentz 202 – Giving the other side a loophole by using improper grammar
Karl Lentz 203 – Learn how to “paper and pen-up”
Karl Lentz 204 – Jurisdiction regarding traffic tickets, and giving your conditions for a summons
Karl Lentz 205 – Never use the word no
Karl Lentz 206 – Foreclosures
Karl Lentz 207 – Basics of letter writing
Karl Lentz 208 – It’s a word game
Karl Lentz 209 – Accept the charges, then require and order the immediate restoration of property
Karl Lentz 210 – The IRS
Karl Lentz 211 – The government and your kids
Karl Lentz 212 – Charging for wasted time spent at the courthouse
Karl Lentz 213 – Tax court, and harm to a man by government
Karl Lentz 214 – Prior contempt charge, National Insurance, Judge’s full name, and parking tickets
Karl Lentz 215 – Ruling changed back to discharge, from “in your favor”
Karl Lentz 216 – The legal society’s dirty tricks
Karl Lentz 217 – Denied access to a trial by jury
Karl Lentz 218 – What to charge for your claim, and tort of outrage
Karl Lentz 219 – Divorce in the public, and collecting a debt
Karl Lentz 220 – Public IRS remedies, 401k’s and other contracts
Karl Lentz 221 – Bonds attached to warrants in regards to nations
Karl Lentz 222 – When to use a notice, and Karl talks about his case against the DHR
Karl Lentz 223 – Access to your court file
Karl Lentz 224 – State your claim vs. present your claim
Karl Lentz 225 – To rescind or not to rescind a contract

Karl Lentz 226 – Proof of appearance at the courthouse, and contempt charges
Karl Lentz 227 – How to speak to BAR members, declaratory judgements, and the rules of your court
Karl Lentz 228 – Wish for the government to restore property(kids) if based on a contract
Karl Lentz 229 – Granting jurisdiction in court, how DHS takes your kids and how to get them back
Karl Lentz 230 – Restore property(kids) from other parent, notice in newspaper, accepting titles
Karl Lentz 231 – Get the judge to put their order in writing and sign it
Karl Lentz 232 – Regarding bonds and mortgages
Karl Lentz 233 – Basics of letter writing, and mail fraud
Karl Lentz 234 – What is property?
Karl Lentz 235 – Important aspects in regards to filing your claim
Karl Lentz 236 – IRS is garnishing your wages through your employer
Karl Lentz 237 – Public defender, serving notices at hearing, rescind vs. modify a contract
Karl Lentz 238 – Who’s contract is it?, and taking the courthouses back from the CROWN
Karl Lentz 239 – How to address traffic court as a man
Karl Lentz 240 – Court rejects your claim, domestic authority, and setting a court of record
Karl Lentz 241 – Bali’s father’s case – part 1 – conditional acceptance
Karl Lentz 242 – Bali’s father’s case – part 2 – Dealing with an over aggressive barrister
Karl Lentz 243 – Bali’s Father’s case – part 3 – Default judgement
Karl Lentz 244 – Title holder vs. owner, and setting up a nation state
Karl Lentz 245 – When a man fails to answer your claim
Karl Lentz 246 – Bali’s father’s case – part 4 – Being a defendant, micronations, and co-claimants
Karl Lentz 247 – Dealing with police and courts
Karl Lentz 248 – Driving your property without registration, and the good samaritan law
Karl Lentz 249 – Getting your property out of the impound lot
Karl Lentz 250 – Understanding the nature of Queens Bench

Karl Lentz 251 – Dealing with older charges brought up in statutory court
Karl lentz 252 – Judge’s orders must be processed the same day, and not knowing their rules of court
Karl Lentz 253 – Handling threats and deception from a Judge
Karl Lentz 254 – Karl explains what’s going on with his Alabama case
Karl Lentz 255 – Accepting charges as a PERSON knowing that you’re still a man
Karl Lentz 256 – Definition of “dare” in contract law
Karl Lentz 257 – Dismissed charges may be used against you along with your current charges
Karl Lentz 258 – Should I file a claim at County or District court?
KarlLentz 259 – Filing fees for a claim, and establishing common law at the courthouse
Karl Lentz 260 – Getting justice when the CROWN is charging you, and just simply paying the Queen
Karl Lentz 261 – Pay and ask for endorsement, SSN and bank accounts, access to the courthouse
Karl Lentz 262 – Careful what you wish for, timeframe for a wrong, contract law, and pot or medicine
Karl Lentz 263 – Give copies of your documents to the clerk, only surrender originals to the jury
Karl Lentz 264 – Who is a public defender actually protecting?
Karl Lentz 265 – Evoke vs. invoke
Karl Lentz 266 – How to handle an arrest
Karl Lentz 267 – The importance of having your claim filed when entering their court
Karl Lentz 268 – Following a judge’s orders while remaining in honour as a man
Karl Lentz 269 – Getting everything on the record, and how to deal with a Judge
Karl Lentz 270 – Karl’s encounter with the Canadian border patrol, and recognizing extortion
Karl Lentz 271 – How to avoid a trial by ambush
Karl Lentz 272 – What a common law courtroom looks like
Karl Lentz 273 on ARP – The 9th and 10th amendments and how they relate to man
Karl Lentz 274 on ARP – The importance of being a prosecutor, and a corporation claiming damages
Karl Lentz 275 on ARP – Using codes in your claim

Karl Lentz 276 on ARP – Your relationship to the IRS in regards to common law
Karl Lentz 277 on ARP – Man vs. men, and their ability to own property
Karl Lentz 278 on ARP – Karl talks about his Alabama case
Karl Lentz 279 on CalmInLaw – Obstruction of justice charges
Karl Lentz 280 on CalmInLaw – Private vs public domestic authority and man interacting with agencies
Karl Lentz 281 on CalmInLaw – Man and code
Karl Lentz 282 on CalmInLaw – Handling a traffic stop as a man
Karl Lentz 283 on CalmInLaw – Where the statutory world is headed
Karl Lentz 284 on CalmInLaw – Man’s relationship to the government and the birth certificate
Karl Lentz 285 on CalmInLaw – How the IRS becomes the defendant, and the power of letters
Karl Lentz 286 – Lifestyle of a man, canon codes, definition of state, controlling public officials
Karl Lentz 287 – Direct questions through the presiding judge, canon codes, dealing with court staff
Karl Lentz 288 – Resolving child support issues
Karl Lentz 289 – Their case vs. your case, vehicle seizure, compensation for jail time
Karl Lentz 290 – Extortion in court, definitions as an exhibit
Karl Lentz 291 – The Master, rule 41, definition of person, dealing with clerks
Karl Lentz 292 – National insurance contribution, garnished wages
Karl Lentz 293 – Writing to the IRS commissioner, dictionaries
Karl Lentz 294 – Travel vs. move
Karl Lentz 295 – Dealing with your employer over IRS garnishment
Karl Lentz 296 – Traffic tickets
Karl Lentz 297 – Interacting in the public as a man
Karl Lentz 298 – How to get the name of the man or woman working at an agency that is pursuing you
Karl Lentz 299 – Common law, wrong vs. negligence, keeping officers out of your house
Karl Lentz 300 – Child custody issues when government agencies are involved

Karl Lentz 301 – Preliminary hearing, court of no record, a corporation charging a man
Karl Lentz 302 – CPS takes your newborn property from the hospital, dependency hearing
Karl Lentz 303 – Judge wants appearance in PERSON, collection agency, compensation for appearing
Karl Lentz 304 – Tyranny through the constitution
Karl Lentz 305 – Only claim what is due, order vs. claim
Karl Lentz 306 – Judge appoints you standby counsel, governments, driver’s license at court
Karl Lentz 307 – Property tax, a corporation causing harm to a man
Karl Lentz 308 – Truth vs. true, conman, how the legal society is controlled, John’s IRS case
Karl Lentz 309 – Benefits of co-counsel, acting in public, an attorney’s defense against the IRS
Karl Lentz 310 – When to sue a judge
Karl Lentz 311 – What to study, value and worth of a man, a letter to CPS
Karl Lentz 312 – Understanding your power in court when it’s your case vs. when it’s not your case
Karl Lentz 313 – Yes and no answers, flip court to common law, challenge jurisdiction, child support
Karl Lentz 314 – Handling a summons, do the opposite of what the government tells you to do
Karl Lentz 315 – Using community based organizations as protection from the government
Karl Lentz 316 – Futility of trying to win in the legal system, that system has no power over a man
Karl Lentz 317 – What man or woman is saying that I did something wrong?
Karl Lentz 318 – Requiring in court
Karl Lentz 319 – Judge refuses to recognize your notice, idiot in legalese, US Gov.’s belief in God
Karl Lentz 320 – Judge issues an order but refuses to sign and date it, conditions of appearance
Karl Lentz 321 – Evoking habeas corpus, closing statements
Karl Lentz 322 – Licensed attorney vs. non-licensed attorney
Karl Lentz 323 – How a man deals with the legal society, court, and government, securing the bond
Karl Lentz 324 – Interacting with Police Officers
Karl Lentz 325 – Blackstone’s, Her Majesty the Queen, claim and notice before the court

Karl Lentz 326 – IRS issues, plaintiff, petitioner, prosecutor
Karl Lentz 327 – Prison phone, time limit and amount for a claim, commonwealth states
Karl Lentz 328 – Allocution, role of the Supreme Court according to the constitution
Karl Lentz 329 – Don’t skip steps with notices, acting responsibly when filing a
Karl Lentz 330 – Feds prosecuting for growing medical marijuana
Karl Lentz 331 – Man’s status is higher than that of court officials and governments
Karl Lentz 332 – The Courthouse is public, Queens Bench, rejected claim
Karl Lentz 333 – Adding Defendants and co claimants in court, appearing as a Person and man
Karl Lentz 334 – Income taxes, self government, staying alert in public, Red Cross scam
Karl Lentz 335 – Return of property(kids), a man wants your claim dismissed, sealed case
Karl Lentz 336 – Billing a man(Judge) for carrying out his order
Karl Lentz 337 – Use one word to beat a code, running your claim parallel to their
Karl Lentz 338 – LLC business, statutes, Her Majesty summons you to court
Karl Lentz 339 – Common law defined, hierarchy in court
Karl Lentz 339 – Common law defined, hierarchy in court
Karl Lentz 340 – Court of claims, article 3 courts, writ of attachment, garnishment
Karl Lentz 341 – U.S. Citizens on a common law jury?
Karl Lentz 342 – Ken W. vs. Karl – Common law and equity, summons under the legal
Karl Lentz 343 – Common law against Crown, site draft, birth certificate, what to do from prison,SSN
Karl Lentz 344 – Traffic tickets, how to write to the prosecutor
Karl Lentz 345 – Tire boot, letter seals, answering for the Legal Name in court, extortion threats
Karl Lentz 346 – Corporate employee breaking codes, City Manager, traffic fines,
Karl Lentz 347 – Void ab initio, use simple words and common procedure
Karl Lentz 348 – w. Dean – man to man with Judge, property and court, Sovereign, i, a
Karl Lentz 349 – w. Dean – Person within a society, Dean’s cases, in court as a man
Karl Lentz 350 – w. Dean – CPS issues, claim, exhibits, and notices to file, wish

Karl Lentz 351 – w. Rod – Habeas corpus, legal rules and procedures in court, point of law
Karl Lentz 352 – Grand jury, trial by jury, zip codes, titles, common law, lawful
Karl Lentz 353 – Getting on the record in their case, contempt of court, court decorum
Karl Lentz 354 – Effect of running a parallel claim, man can’t talk to a fiction, your word as a man
Karl Lentz 355 – Your word regarding court fees, find loopholes in statutes, legal rehabilitation
Karl Lentz 356 – Permits for agricultural structures on farms
Karl Lentz 357 – What to do when you get arrested – step by step
Karl Lentz 358 – Initial actions after being charged, offer to settle private and public, common law
Karl Lentz 359 – w. Dean – Equity and common law, birth certificate and land,access a public courtroom
Karl Lentz 360 – Homeowner’s Association issues, your property on someone else’s property
Karl Lentz 361 – Long distance claim, equity, telephonic appearance, recording your case
Karl Lentz 362 – Court trusts; law, codes, and beliefs in court
Karl Lentz 363 – w. Dan B. – Who and what in court, statutes regarding Supreme Court and Congress
Karl Lentz 364 – w. Ralph W. – Deal with Prosecutor not Judge, W4 exempt, income tax remedies
Karl Lentz 365 – w. Orlando S. – Administrative law, governments, property tax, original jurisdiction
Karl Lentz 366 – Joe & Paula – Call out man and ask for bill, constitution and Bill of Rights, FCC
Karl Lentz 367 – w. Glenn A. – Hold top dog liable, money and currency, man and the second dimension
Karl Lentz 368 – Loan and mortgage, court order, using code, acting in court, responding to letters
Karl Lentz 369 – Citizenship and income tax, illegal alien, more vs. less government control
Karl Lentz 370 – Write to the prosecutor, paying a debt to avoid seizure of property
Karl Lentz 371 – Move property from A to B as member of different society, handling extortion threats
Karl Lentz 372 – Verifying identity of representative collecting on a debt, bankruptcy issues
Karl Lentz 373 – Define “respond”, follow through on Judge’s set-up, bill monthly for entering plea
Karl Lentz 374 – Federal vs District Court, where to file, taking orders, renting out property(kids)
Karl Lentz 375 – Man and contracts, schedule payments as party to a child support case


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