Princes of the Yen – A film about the power of central banks and the transformation of the economy

In order to understand the current role and actions of institutions like the IMF, BRICS, BIS, Federal Reserve & World Bank it might be VERY EDUCATIONAL to watch this free documentary about the Rise And Fall Of Japan’s Economy as Orchestrated by the post-war Central Bank system.

The film is directed by Michael Oswald and was based on a book by Professor Richard Werner.

It starts off by discussing how western imperialism influenced the country after the war, and points out that the country’s banking and political systems were totally redesigned by powers affiliated with the United Nations.

According to the film, the attitude towards the Japanese was one of racism and false ethnic superiority. In the new Japan, it was actually illegal to discuss the brutal atomic bombings, and ancient cultural traditions were also strictly forbidden.

For years, western influence was seen as an occupation, and there were regular protests and riots against the puppet regimes.

Eventually, resistance movements were suppressed or infiltrated and the puppet government in Japan was able to set up a heavily controlled economic system that was sold as a free market.

This film explores what happened over the 50+ years of central baking in Japan and explains how governments can create bubbles and recessions by controlling the flow of currency.

The documentary “Princes of the Yen” has taken two years to make with a few takeaways:

Watch what central banks do, not listen to what they say.

Economics textbooks give no function to money creation nor are bankers necessarily aware that they are creating money by issuing loans.

Bankers themselves are primarily preoccupied with short-term gains. Secondly, banks are reliant on the central bank. Central banks hold a monopoly position in relation to banks, and they can make life uncomfortable for individual uncooperative banks. A central bank could for instance impose unfavorable conditions on its transactions with certain banks.

Banks rely on central banks, they have an inherent incentive to comply with their instructions.

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UwePrinces of the Yen – A film about the power of central banks and the transformation of the economy