The Internet is My Religion – Jim Gilliam

“Living proof that anything is possible!”
“The best video on the internet.”
“Should be compulsory viewing for all humanity.”
“I have now found religion, and it is the internet.”
“Stunning” “Riveting” “Indescribably wonderful”
“No words for how totally badass mindblowing that was.”
“@jgilliam moved me — a stoic — to tears.”
“One of the most extraordinary speeches I’ve ever seen.”
“A must watch. Emotional, amazing stuff.”
“Can only be described as a modern epic.”
“An incredible story, will restore faith in humankind.”
“Standing ovation for @jgilliam at #PDF11, not a dry eye in the house.”
“Be prepared to pick up your heart off the floor and hold it, beating, in your hand.”
“Watch this beautiful and intelligent story.”
“If you do nothing else today, watch this.”
“So beautiful and thought provoking. Just… wow.”
“The best story you will hear all day… even possibly your whole life.”
“Took my breath away.”
“One of the greatest stories in human history.”
“Unexpected. Transgressive. Radical.”
“I was actually clapping for him in front of my computer.”
“Wow, what a vision, what a story.”
“A deeply personal and immensely moving talk.”
“Stop whatever you’re doing and watch this video.”
“If you finish watching this with dry eyes, you aren’t human.”
“If you haven’t watched, you’re missing out on something important.”
“One of the most moving, inspiring speeches I’ve ever seen.”


UweThe Internet is My Religion – Jim Gilliam