The ONE NETWORK is launching on January 1st 2015

The One Network represents both the evolution of the 5D Media Network and a collaboration between independent, alternative media voices who share a common world view.

The 5D Media Network was founded by Lisa Harrison in April 2012. What started as a weekly radio program, The Collective Imagination, quickly grew into a network broadcasting on a variety of subjects 7 days a week.

The One Network focuses on and aims to support the global shift in consciousness and the accompanying transition from a paradigm of hierarchy and control to one of self responsibility, individual freedom and oneness.

False Flags, staged events, crisis actors, the evidence is overwhelming on the corruption and fraud perpetrated on the general public DAILY. All leading to a false media created reality that serves the few at the expense of humanity and our planet.

We CAN do something about it NOW. Help us make this happen by January 1st. Please watch, share and be a Bridge Builder with us.

Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly and Dani Arnold McKenny have built both individual and a collective reputation for asking the hard questions, confronting the status quo, exposing agendas and revealing suppressed information.

As the founding voices of the ONE NETWORK they are continuing to do just that and intend to do so much more.

If bridges of truth are needed to span the gap between Alternative & Mainstream Media, we intend to be that bridge.

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UweThe ONE NETWORK is launching on January 1st 2015