The Search for Sustainability is a free documentary series broadcasting globally november 1st-12th, 2015

49 sustainability experts, permaculture designers, organic farmers, herbal medics, energy and building enthusiasts, systems analysts, green-politicians, and health educators share potentially world-changing information during this series that simply is not available all in one place anywhere online.

Watch excerpt from Episode 7 of The Search for Sustainability Documentary Series – Including Live Performance from Suns of the Earth.

During this series, which broadcasts online between November 1st-12th, 49 uplifting voices speak out about the tragic and crucial emergencies going on in the world, the potentially imminent food, water, and financial collapse, and how we might be able to avoid all of this disaster and thrive in a sustainable way simply by:

• Taking back control of our food, health, water, and energy supplies
• Implementing simple and no-cost methods for living harmoniously with the land and our surrounding environment
• Learning to grow our own food in a sustainable and regenerative way whether you live in New York, Texas, California, Oregon or any state for that matter
• Collecting and properly using water to build back our water table and end disastrous water droughts
• Utilizing herbal medicines and ancient healing methods to thrive with our health and live longer without prescriptions or medical intervention
• Creating and participating in local co-ops, farmers markets, and food growing networks to thrive in our local communities
• Supporting and opening sustainable schools and values-based systems to support the health and consciousness of our children and the next generation
• Learning to thrive in abundance in Urban, Suburban, and Rural communities by making a few simple changes
• Having a deeper and more meaningful spiritual connection to our food, land, animals, and fellow humanity
• Engaging and supporting the creative arts, music, and media in a sustainable way
• And much more!



UweThe Search for Sustainability is a free documentary series broadcasting globally november 1st-12th, 2015