The Underlying Goal of the Bank of Canada Lawsuit

The Harper Government has apparently ordered a media black out on this court case.

Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) v. The Queen:

General Discussion about this with many links to explore:

Connie Fogal & Ludwig Mises Institute have their own take on this:

Connie Fogal, ex-president of the Canadian Action Party:

Canadian Action Party should rename itself “Anti-Canadian Action Party.” Anti-Canadian because of the support for Occupy, We are Change, Thrive, the “Social Credit” movement and other NWO propaganda.

Galati the most prominent constitutional lawyer in the country says he does not believe Canada is a democracy any longer and that the media is controlled by the government.

Constitutional Lawyer, Rocco Galati speaks and answers questions during a COMERS presentation at the Toronto City Hall Council Chambers about the case before the Federal Court of Canada:

Paul T. Hellyer – The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis

Hellyers website with articles:


UweThe Underlying Goal of the Bank of Canada Lawsuit