What is your Facebook profile value?

Ever thought about what your activity on facebook is worth in US dollars?

I’m not sure if Mark hired zolelo.com or not but at http://apps.zolelo.com/ you can click on this image to get to http://apps.zolelo.com/profile-value/

When you click on the green button there the app will generate your personal facebook profile value as well.

Post it on your facebook wall so your friends can appreciate your hard work over the years you never got compensated for or simply join the Tsuvolution to have more control over your social engagement value and how to access and distribute it.

Your Facebook Profile Value is based on:
1.The number of friends you have
2.The number of wall posts on your wall
3.The number of notes written by you
4.The number of pages liked by you
5.The number of photo/video uploaded by you


UweWhat is your Facebook profile value?